customise your jewellery
customise your jewellery

All GLAMIRA products are fully customisable to your preferences.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your choice, return it within 60 days.

Customer-Oriented Service

Customer- Oriented Service

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Free Insured Delivery

Free Insured Delivery

GLAMIRA guarantees safe delivery of each order.

  • MEN’S jewellery

    MEN’S jewellery
    Glamira offers a new definition of style, smartness and delicacy for men’s jewellery. Men who are very fond of their appearance will find everything they need to look attractive.

  • PLATINUM jewellery

    PLATINUM jewellery
    As the only and true preference of the kings and queens, platinum is four times stronger than gold and is the best choice to reveal the natural radiance of diamond.

  • PEARL jewellery

    PEARL jewellery
    Cherished as the most elegant gift to a special one, pearls are one of a kind natural wonders.

  • Christoph Klinkmüller

    Ivana Pavliková


    Beautiful ring, quality, comfort and sophistication.The most amazing moment on the top of Lomnický štít, which could not be better ❤️

  • Arinson



    An excellent deal, on several occasions I communicated with customer service and I had quick response and a lot of respect. My girl loves the phenomenal ring, both design and style, nice finish and well done details. Again an excellent evaluation.

  • Isabel



    I'm extremly satisfied with my engagement ring. It's comfortable and easy to wear! I bought 0.25 carat diamond and the side stones were also diamonds. Good price despite it! It shines so well!

  • Caroline Chassard

    Caroline Chassard


    I chose this ring as an alliance with white sapphire and diamond. One word when I received it, WAHOU!! It is splendid, even more beautiful than I had imagined. The delivery time was very correct. I am delighted, I recommend this website.

  • Alessandro



    I bought this ring on 02/06/2017 for a wedding proposal. The ring was marvellous. The quality and the design is excellent. Everything was perfect.

  • Hanna Tietgen

    Hanna Tietgen


    The ring is very beautiful and the quality is very fine. It leaves a very comfortable feeling on my finger. I am highly satisfied.


    Your guide to everything there is to know about the appealing nature of jewellery.


    Diamond certificates are important as they show the quality and the value of the diamond on your jewellery.


    Tell GLAMIRA what you need and our jewellery specialists will go through thousands of unique designs for you to find the perfect jewellery for your special occasion.

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