women’s jewellery

Glamira is the right place for elegant and smart women to find the widest range of high-quality women’s jewellery for their precious selves.

Women’s jewellery

    Your lifetime companions… May your wedding rings represent never-ending cycle of love and prosperity by having them engraved with a message of your choice.


    Engaging somebody is supposed to be born on the left ring finger which is believed to be the vein of love. In this way, the couple believed to be joined at the heart. Indicate your devotion with a lifetime engagement ring!

  • coloured dıamond jewellery

    coloured dıamond jewellery
    Sumptuous and elegant...perfectly suited for your unique passions. Opt for extraordinary and browse through our collection of Coloured Diamond Jewellery!

  • Initial & Name Jewellery

    Initial & Name Jewellery
    A piece of jewellery is extraordinary when it is engraved with initials or words that speak your emotions.


    A luxuriant piece of jewellery that will add an angelic detail to your style. Leaf through our collection of anklets and treat yourself to one that will carry you away…


    Sometimes fine points are just adequate to reinvent your behaviour and style. Browse through our knuckle rings category for petite and dreamy pieces designed to suit your spirit.


    Pearls, Enamel designs and Dual Use rings - all that you need to make your jewellery dreams come alive! Forget the usuals, browse through our collections and settle for a rare style.


    If you embrace simplicity in life, GLAMIRA’s Plain Design Jewellery will help you redefine your style.


GLAMIRA Women’s Jewellery- Personalised Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bangles

Jewellery encapsulates women’s beauty and grace; for centuries it has been not only an accessory, but also an expression of art. GLAMIRA believes that women’s jewellery is far more than an accessory. GLAMIRA’s gems are full or life, and their colours tell their own stories. At GLAMIRA it’s important to believe in magic, and carve your own path. Just because you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 job, doesn’t mean you have to forget your dreams. GLAMIRA encourages you to write your own story, and let your childish side run amok.

GLAMIRA’s personalised jewellery includes lake-blue sapphire, forest-green emerald and sunset-citrine. Wherever you go, we have the perfect jewellery to accompany you on your adventures. So personalise your Swarovski sky with diamond stars. And why not add a white sapphire moon against a black diamond sky? Dare to be different! Treat yourself to a sublime piece of Swarovski jewellery and pair it with a sparkling diamond. Let GLAMIRA transform them into white, yellow or rose gold jewellery to invigorate your soul and set fire to your dreams. What’s more, you can have words which are precious to you engraved on your jewellery. GLAMIRA will engrave your jewellery with a symbol, name, saying, or anything else your heart desires! And if you’ve chosen gold, why stop there? You’re free to add silver and palladium. Unleash your creative side and combine precious GLAMIRA gems with silver for silver jewellery which combines the classic with the extravagant.

GLAMIRA takes pride in producing the best in jewellery and the chance to create something special. Remember, jewellery is a chance to express your true feelings and set yourself free. Every carat and stone is produced to the highest quality by GLAMIRA; each alloy and colour is exquisitely designed. GLAMIRA’s women’s jewellery allows you to reveal the real you!