men’s jewellery

men’s jewellery

Glamira offers a new definition of style, smartness and delicacy for men’s jewellery. Men who are very fond of their appearance will find everything they need to look attractive.

men’s jewellery
  • Men's Earrings

    Men's Earrings
    Who says men can’t be fashionable? With GLAMIRA’s extraordinary collection of men’s earrings, you can now make heads turn with your jewellery just like women!

  • Silver ringsNew

    Engagement rings for men are a unique sign of your bond. Your love is mutual – show it by choosing the perfect personalized ring for him.

  • Leather Bracelets

    Modern men should complete their style with small but effective touches. Men's leather bracelets will be the perfect complement for modern men's casual look.

  • Men's Necklaces

    Men's Necklaces
    A little token can tell a thousand words and show how well you know someone. A necklace that suit a man's personality is always a great idea for a special gift.


GLAMIRA Men’s Jewellery - Personalised Men’s Rings and Cufflinks

Some people might tell you that a watch and ring are the only pieces of jewellery a man needs. But GLAMIRA has created men’s jewellery which blows that outdated notion away. GLAMIRA’s men’s jewellery goes beyond mere aesthetics. Because we understand that jewellery can be an opportunity for men to add soul and personality to their outfits, in modern environments which can sometimes seem sterile and uniform. GLAMIRA men’s jewellery includes cufflinks and men’s rings which say ‘power’ and ‘charisma’. The truth is, jewellery has the power to define a man’s outfit and style.

GLAMIRA mens’ cufflinks can be customised, so why not add a new dimension – and element of mystery or a powerful, bold statement? For many men, gemstones mean diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. But at, it doesn’t stop there! GLAMIRA boasts a wide range of almost twenty stones including onyx and Swarovski. Every gem is available in its traditional colour, from dazzling white to sea-blue and sunset-red. So Sapphire can be chosen in a range of hues including Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet and Citrine.

Choosing your perfect metal is just part of the process of creating your perfect piece of men’s jewellery. You can also choose a variety of colours, including rose, white, yellow gold or silver for your rings and cufflinks. And GLAMIRA offers multicoloured design options in red, white, yellow and gold. What’s more, GLAMIRA encourages customers to have their jewellery engraved with a special name, saying or date. So follow your heart and create a piece of jewellery which is unique to you. GLAMIRA’s jewellery for men looks amazing, and tells the story of its owner.

GLAMIRA’s extensive collection of Men’s Jewellery is all about making a big, bold statement, and standing out from the crowd.