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Peridot is one of the semi-precious gemstone that has a color variation in tints of green from pistachio to olive hues.

PERIDOT engagement RINGS

PERIDOT engagement RINGS



Peridot is one of the semi-precious gemstone that has a color variation in tints of green from pistachio to olive hues. The golden glow is what singularizes peridot from other green stones like emerald. This gem inherits its name from the Greek language which translates the word “peridona” as “to give richness”. Since the gem is known to be one of the oldest semi-precious gemstones in the world, it is subjected to numerous legends and myths. We can notice that peridot can be found in the Egyptian lores as early as 2,000 BC and in some segments of Bible. Moreover, it was the favorite stone of the Baroque period.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are the prominent places where Peridot can be mined abundantly, apart from them Myanmar, China, USA, Africa and Australia are noteworthy places where mining peridot is effective. Peridot is cherished as the August Birthstone and the stone of the Zodiac sign Leo.

In Glamira, the peridot stones available are of the superior quality and set into designs by skilled professionals. The end products are the wonderful peridot jewelry of rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, bangles, engagement rings and cufflinks! Glamira does not just create these wonderful pieces of art but also has a team of experts for handling the jewelry with care. This team suggests you to polish your peridot ornaments with a cotton cloth so that it can be dazzling all the time and not to expose it at length to solar radiation as it may be sensitive to heat. And as Glamira has a phenomenal love for the color green, the popularity of this vivid gemstone is also very much up. You can customize your own spring by adding the tone of green to your world! A pair of peridot earrings will give you the effectiveness of nature and you can live your love in the perpetual warmth of spring by your peridot engagement rings. Glamira provides you with all alloys (white, yellow and/or rose gold, silver) and colors for you to integrate them with peridot and witness the warm dance of cool tones! You can also combine it with other gems on the peridot rings so that its twinkle comes to gratification. And you can lengthen your unique description of art by personalizing a peridot bracelet for that special added touch.



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