Ruby is one of the treasured stones accompanied by sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds to form the four big gemstones.


Ruby is one of the treasured stones accompanied by sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds to form the four big gemstones. Like sapphire, Ruby is also a type of minerals called Corundum. The chemical structure of Corundum is the reason for the blood-red color of this gemstone. Ruby gems obtained in mines in Burma are the purest available form of Ruby in the world. Apart from Burma, Thailand, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Tanzania, Australia and the United States are some of the prominent countries with abundant amount of mines where ruby gemstones can be obtained.
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Records state that rubies were first used by the Romans and Greeks in 480 BC. On the contrary, it was also used by many tribes particularly by the Hindus as ornaments. In the Hindu culture, Ruby was collaborated with vitality and royalty. IT was also believed to mirror Love that exude from the heart, making this gemstone the perfect as ruby wedding gifts for devoted lovers, since it was discovered 2,000 years ago. The July Birthstone, Ruby is also the stone of the Zodiac sign Scorpio.
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For Glamira, the 4C’s is the thumb rule to choose the equitable ones for Ruby jewelry . Glamira provides the rubies in higher excellence and uses them on the unique creations of earrings, rings, necklaces, ruby cufflinks and many other piece of art. Ruby, due to its unique structure, likes daylight to scatter its brilliance all around. At this point, Glamira proposes you to blend your light with ruby to radiate an intense beauty. You can also customize in the Glamira online jewelry store to have extraordinary results, such as ruby earrings and ruby necklaces. Moreover, it is a traditional belief that it assists the wearers in making critical decisions in life when it is worn on the left hand. So you can wield a ruby ring from Glamira to promulgate your decision-making power! Or you can take a step forward by accompanying it with a diamond on the same ring. That ruby and diamond ring will mirror your beauty and strong personality simultaneously.
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